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Non-Molestation Order Support

Ms S came to us as an urgent case following 20 years of historical abuse inflicted upon her and her children, by her ex-partner. We opted to have Ms. S visit the office that Thursday afternoon for an extended meeting to complete the court applications and supporting documents for a Non-Molestation and Occupational Order. All documents were completed on the same day.

On Friday morning, the documents were hand delivered with care to the local courts. By Friday afternoon the courts had provided Ms. S and her children with the protection afforded to her by way of the Non-Molestation Order.

The courts delayed issuing the Occupation Order due to the agreement Mr. S made to Ms. S in that he would voluntarily leave the property in two weeks’ time.

Following his failure to move out, BH Support were instructed to attend the hearing by way of McKenzie Friend in support of Ms. S to further ensure the Occupation Order was granted.

In preparation of the hearing, BH Support worked with Ms. S to complete a position statement detailing the historic abuse suffered by Ms. S and the children and further ensuring all documentation was completed accurately and in a timely fashion.

The Court granted Ms. S with the appropriate court orders, including a continuation of the Non-Molestation Order and Occupation Order. It has allowed Ms. S to remain the familial home, where the children are comfortable, and remain safe from Mr. S’s possible presence.

Two weeks from the day Ms. S walked in the door at BH Support, she was walking out of the local court knowing herself and her children were protected and ready to begin to move on from the painful past to a positive future.

Positive Social Impact:

Personal – Ms. S was shown that even if the desired outcome isn’t granted first, BH Support were eager to assist her in further protecting herself. We provided her with a safety barrier (Non-Molestation Order) from her ex-partner, which gave her confidence to attend the court hearing.

Financial – We were aware that Ms S is responsible for any house payments, this encouraged us to give her the opportunity to provide payment via a payment plan. This offered Ms S financial stability as well as further assistance with removing Mr S from the residence.

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