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The Costs

The legal costs of our support is aimed to be affordable to all families and we offer a range of subsidised rates dependent upon your entire circumstances and the gravity or complexity of the legal matter that requires support. Our rates start at £125 per hour, which is considerably lower than that of a high street solicitor who may charge in excess of £300 per hour for the same type of work. We also offer payment plans for legal costs which are individual to your personal circumstances as we understand that most families are rarely prepared for separation.

Following your initial meeting we will be better informed of the gravity of the position and the financial circumstances of the family. We will always provide a summary of your position and a proposal of support in writing unless the seriousness of the situation requires us to act faster to protect life or liberty, in which case we will place the applications and achieve protection before we consider the cost implications.

Our Summary and Proposal will explain the steps that we suggest are taken to achieve the very best outcome and the costs are broken down into estimates and maximum charges in the same way that a solicitor is obliged to do so, except our rates are highly competitive and usually far cheaper as we work with you to achieve the outcome. Our Summary and Proposal includes an administration cost contribution which goes towards our general overheads and the administration support given. This allows us to continue the work that we do to support many families travelling through the legal system without having to charge high fees for every email, call, meeting or the costs of printing or postage.

In addition to our affordable fees, you should also expect to pay court application fees, court ordered penalties like costs orders and other costs outside of our direct control. We will always endeavour to find exemption to application fees and to mitigate any court ordered penalties dependent upon your individual circumstances.

Dependent upon your entire circumstances, we may also be able to offer your family gateway access to the Affordable Family Law Group, a not-for-profit organisation who can utilise social impact grants and surplus funds to heavily subsidise their rates.

Reach Out Now for Support

Please click the above link and provide your details in order that we can begin to support you.

You will  be sent a questionnaire where you will be able to outline your situation and provide us with essential information to support you fully, every step of the way.

The information you send to us is security encrypted and will be kept completely confidential and completely safe enabling us to allocate the correct member of our family team to support you at your initial Free Appointment.

Please ensure that the contact information that you provide, including your email and telephone number is safe to use without being able to be accessed by anyone else.

If your email or telephone is not safe, please nominate a trusted friend to receive our form on your behalf or telephone our office on 01225 941222 and one of our family support team will assist you further.

After you have sent this extra information to us, we will give you direct access to our bookings calendar where you may choose a date and time that suits you for your initial Free Appointment. This can be in-person at our safe, confidential space in Bath or by telephone or video call.

If you need assistance with the completion of the form or you wish to book an appointment directly by telephone, call 01225 941222 and one of our family support team will assist you further.

We provide support for:

  • Divorce Application Support

  • Protective Orders

  • Child Arrangements

  • Money and Property

  • Family Law Support

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What Our Clients Say

“Thank you for everything you are doing for me and my family”


“Thank you for all you are doing for us.  I get so upset and worried for my girls.”


“Thank you so much, I am once again most grateful for all your assistance and guidance you have provided.”


“I am so grateful for all the help provided during my separation.”


“Last weeks meeting was insightful, thank you for the continued support during this challenging time.”


“Thank you very much for all your help. It’s very much appreciated.”


“Thank you again for your support and your best assurance under the circumstances.”


“Wow! You legends, thank you very much. That is some great stuff. Appreciate both of your time and involvement.”


“Thanks Lauryn! I really appreciate all your help and guidance through this difficult time.”


“Thanks Lauryn, you’re a star.”


“Thank you for your support, I didn’t really properly thank you as much as you deserved as I was just really overwhelmed! I’ve only just started to feel some kind of normal last night.”