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Family Law Act 1996 –
Non  Molestation Order

Miss X was referred by an existing business tenant and attended one of our Friday free consultations. Her relationship with her former partner had ended some years ago but it had recently become increasingly acrimonious and she required guidance after receiving a written threat of harm.

Knowing that her partner held a gun licence and a weapon, she feared for her safety and that of her young son. Immediate action was required  and an application was completed with her for a Non Molestation Order which was lodged into the Family Court within 48 hours, leading to our supporting as a McKenzie Friend and attaining the relevant protection order, revocation of the gun licence and recovery of the weapon. We continue to support Miss X as the order requires renewal of protection.

BH Support Cost – £95 per hour. Total Hours 6. Total Cost £570
High Street Equivalent – Preparation and court representation – £4,000

Positive Social Impact:
Personal- Miss X and her son are safe, well and able to live their lives more freely in the confidence that they are protected by the law and their community.
She benefits from a reduction in the mental toll of anxiety and the intense and noticeable physical effects.
Financial- Miss X can continue her life free from the debt she would have accrued as a result of borrowing over and above the means of a single mother with a young child.
Community– Strong and safe communities benefit enormously from a reduction in increased levels of crime, harassment and disorder. Empowering individuals to know their rights and gain protection prevents the fear and uncertainty that can be felt throughout a community and can help not only those at the heart of the issue but also those in the wider area, friends, employers, children at the same school.

Without BH Support

The effects of domestic abuse against women is deep and far-reaching. A survivor’s life may be changed through damage to her psychological and physical well-being and the ripples of abuse reaches families and communities.